Patoka Lake in Southern Indiana

About the PLAY Web Site

PLAY (Patoka Lake Association Year-Round) is a group of local businesses focused on promoting the Patoka Lake area all year long. The PLAY website,, is designed to make it easy for people to plan a trip to Patoka Lake. There are a lot of businesses listed on the PLAY website. To be fair and consistant we have formalized the rules on how the listings operate.

Who gets listed on the PLAY website?

  • Businesses that are in the immediate area of Patoka Lake (located less than 10 miles from a ramp) will get their name, city, and description on the website for free.
  • PLAY members get their name, full address, phone, and description.

Who can join PLAY?

  • Businesses that offer service in the three main counties (Orange, Crawford, and Dubois) are eligible to join PLAY (for $60 yearly) and be on the website.
  • Businesses that are outside the three main Patoka Lake Counties can join PLAY if they are approved by the membership.

How can you enhance your listing on the PLAY website?

There are several ways to increase your exposure on the website. Note that these options are only available to PLAY members.

For an additional $120 yearly PLAY members can purchase an enhanced listing, which includes:

  1. A listing in bold. Bold listings appear ahead of the non bold listings in each category. It is possible for users to select multiple buttons. In this case the listings will appear listed category by category…bold listings before non bold.
  2. A "More Info" button. The "More Info" page includes an additional description, a picture, and a list of all your services offered.
  3. A link to your website.

PLAY members can also increase their exposure by purchasing banner ads on up to five locations:

  1. Home page - $300/year
  2. Where to Eat search and results pages - $200/year
  3. Where to Sleep search and results pages - $200/year
  4. What to Do search and results pages - $200/year
  5. Helpful Services search and results pags - $200/year

Exactly how does the PLAY website order the output results?

When a web user selects a checkbox and hits enter then the PLAY website renders results in the following order:

  1. PLAY members with enhanced listings display first.  These are in a random order and if you hit F5 (refresh screen) you will see the results reorder.
  2. PLAY members without enhanced listings display next.  These are randomized programmatically.
  3. Non-PLAY area businesses display next.

If somebody chooses multiple checkboxes then the website displays the results category by category following the rules from above.

Additionally, the top banner ads are bumped down to the bottom every quarter and the second banner ads will then display first.

How can you get started?

Now that you know the rules we make it easy for you to get your listing created or changed on the website. First, print out the printable PLAY membership/advertising form, fill it out, and mail it in with your check. Second, fill out our online business information form.



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